Why Home Business Pre-Launches Are Dangerous

Why Home Business Pre-Launches Are Dangerous

Well, first off, how many pre-launches have you seen that never even make it to the launch date? I tracked a few for this article and out of the 5 I watched, only 1 got off of the ground...for 1 week and then it disappeared. The rest were shut down before leaving the launching pad. Not only Houston has the problem with this.

Why Home Business Pre-Launches Are Dangerous

Do not get tied up into these if you have no idea who is pre-launching these in the first place. If it is something that you are already established with and this is another extension of that business, than it should not be a problem. I just see so many of these putrid sites pulling in people and their money and then never get off of the ground.

Research the program. I watched the pre-pre launch of one site, then the pre-launch, and then the crash and burn part that you see in educational videos. These are dangerous and should not be messed with. If you are looking for a home based biz or are trying to enhance your own, do so with established services and businesses.

Internet marketing is truly an enigma. It can be a wonderful and prosperous experience, but it can also be Pandora's box. You have to see above these pre-launch schemes and scams. Yes, they look and sound good, but why not keep focused on what has been around for awhile. The tried and true stay the tried and true. They have it right and stick around for years because they do things the right way.

Well, I have to get my binoculars to see the pre-pre-pre-pre launch of some new, exciting, and dangerous Internet home based business that will, "Revolutionize the Internet". Wow! Where do they come up with this stuff? Look, shoot for the moon or anywhere in the galaxy you want to go. Just do not ride one of their home online business pre-launch rockets.

10, uh oh...9, 8, err... 7 ,6 ,5, blast o...no, no, not yet... 4, err... 3, 2, err...hmmm...is this thing on?

Success thrives upon failure's demise.

Success thrives upon failure's demise.

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